Why Static HTML?

 Static websites are popular because they are super efficient, extremely fast and usually cheaper. Blogs, resumes, marketing websites, landing pages, and documentation are all good candidates for static websites. 

Static sites can be easily transformed to dynamic when the business reach to that point and needs dynamic website.

Standard Static Pages

Home Page

This is the landing page that introduces the website visitor to the content of the website. It is usually the most stylised page of the entire website.

About Page

This is a page containing information about the business or the website.

Contact Page

This is a Page containing the address, contact numbers and email address of the business. A map of the business office or building is optional.

Products / Services Page

This is a page containing general information about the products and services of the business or website.

Benefits of a Static Website include

Easier to create and host

Cost for a static website is usually lower than a dynamic site

Quicker to design and build

Easy to modify with little HTML coding knowledge required

Well suited to smaller companies that do not require regular content updates

Easy to transform to dynamic if required in future



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